The World Without Us

December 22 2009. Driving towards Denver. Just this side of Laramie, Wyoming. Sunset. 17 degrees. Snow. Alongside the road, a large black truck, engine open, two heads bent over the engine. Hard to measure distances in this vast seemingly endless swath of emptiness, so maybe the red pickup pulled over some 1/8 a mile up. […]

The Icarus Project: Navigating the Space between Brilliance and Madness

  The Icarus Project. A visionary, comprehensive resource for outreach, organizing, and research on all aspects of mental illness. Focusing on establishing a network of grassroots, community based groups across the country (with global chapters forming), Icarus seeks to create an evolved vision of the experience of mental illness and to empower its members with […]

BiPolar News

Imaging Tool May Help Diagose Bipolar (click on above image for full viewing) New Recovery Model For Mental Illness Bipolar Advantage Inc. will be introducing a new integrated recovery program called the “Advantage Program” on September 6, 2008. “The days of thinking a diagnosis of bipolar disorder means living a diminished life are over,” says […]

The Infinite Mind

Peter Kramer, author of Listening to Prozac and Against Depression, hosts the award-winning The Infinite Mind, a PBS radio show focusing on the latest developments in neuro-psychology , mental illness and wellness, and alternatives to achieving and sustaining brain health Copies of previous shows can be downloaded from the website (Check here for downloads). IM […]