brain shivers

better known as brain zaps

better known as brain zaps

What are BrainZaps

5 Responses to “brain shivers”

  1. what’s up with this?? there’s nothing but a picture!!

  2. for me, a Brain Zap feels like an electrical current briefly runs through my head, starting at the back of my skull. Not unlike a friction shock, but totally NOT like a friction shock in that it doesn’t hurt at all. Just the fun part of the jolt. And yes, if you’ve had a Brain Zap you’d know there IS a fun part.

  3. Well anti depressants aren’t the only culprit in causing the dreaded “brain zaps” or “zingers”. People who smoke or eat medical or non medical marijuana, aka weed, dope, mary jane, my lover, etc….also get brain zaps. No joke. Happens mostly when they have consumed way too much mary jane, or have smoked a big bowl of pure indica. Now that can give some some serious brain zaps and jolts, especially right before or as person is trying to fall asleep. medical marijuana has definately caused brain zaps and jolts in quite a few people.

  4. I used to love getting high with mates and on my own too, no ill effects just calming really, however recently i have had any good effects i just feel anxious (i have a pre-existing anxiety problem) and also can experience incredible painful ‘brain zaps, shivers’ when i think of anything negative, its like my brain punishes itself out of my control. As you can imagine i have stopped smoking. I believe that it has much to do with your level of confidence, if you have insecurity’s the weed can really take advantage…

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