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imaging tool may help diagnose bipolar
imaging tool may help diagnose bipolar

Imaging Tool May Help Diagose Bipolar (click on above image for full viewing)

New Recovery Model For Mental Illness

Bipolar Advantage Inc. will be introducing a new integrated recovery program called the “Advantage Program” on September 6, 2008. “The days of thinking a diagnosis of bipolar disorder means living a diminished life are over,” says company president Tom Wootton.

Bipolar Advantage Workshop (click through site to find out info about 6 month program)

Mechanism Of Lithium Action For The Treatment Of Bipolar Disorder

Calcium is a common intracellular signaling molecule with a wide range of functions in the brain, and the regulation as well as dysregulation of calcium signaling via the principal intracellular calcium release channel, InsP3R1, has been linked to many normal cellular processes as well as neurological diseases. In addition, the calcium binding protein, neuronal calcium sensor-1 (NCS-1), has been shown to regulate calcium signaling and NCS-1 expression is increased in bipolar patients. <snip> As lithium was introduced over a half-century ago for the treatment of the alternating occurrence of mania and depression that is characteristic of bipolar disorder, the authors tested the effect of lithium on the interaction between NCS-1 and InsP3R1. Therapeutic levels of lithium were found to block the effect of NCS-1 on InsP3R1 function, suggesting that the InsP3R1/NCS-1 interaction is an essential part of the mechanism of bipolar disorder. The study reveals the role of NCS-1 and suggests that it is a promising target for the treatment of neuropsychiatric disorders.

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