neuronal assemblies & consciousness

A remarkable study suggests that consciousness results when a signficiant number of neurons, already assembled in neural columns, respond to external stimuli to create a conscious state. “Assemblies can be formed anytime and anywhere within the association areas. Thus, consciousness is spatially multiple. However, at a single time, only one assembly is large enough to […]

mirror neurons

Neuroscientist Giacomo Rizzolatti, MD, and his colleagues at the University of Parma were mapping the brains of monkeys to see how specific areas of the brain function“They were monitoring a cell,” Goleman says, “that only fired when the monkey lifted its arm. One day, the cell fired even though the monkey hadn’t lifted its arm […]

neurology of addiction

oh, so that’s it .. addiction is an electro-chemical neurological brain impulse!  What I need is an “internal dependency shift” to achieve “neurological pacification”. In a recent Harvard lecture, “Drug Addiction: the Neurobiology of Disrupted Free Will,” the strong connection between memory and craving suggests  more effective treatments might focus on disrupting memory rather than […]

Let’s stop talking to the Wrong Brain

Primal Therapy founder Arthur Janov’s new blog reports on a new concept of treating emotional, effective and mental pain by dealing with ourselves as ‘historical individuals,’ who are suffering due to the imprint of birth or early life experiences. On discussing how important accessing emotions is in effective therapy, he writes: Italian investigators have found […]

Inescapable Stress

A recent post in Salon discusses recovering from CFS and the overview of the symptoms so closely parallels those I experience with my diagnosis of Major Depressive Disorder. The intriguing finding is the role of the adrenals, which in my case were key to the ultimate meltdown of both my psyche and physical body. I […]