epistemological angst

angst, horror, depression
angst, horror, depression


Knowledge within Anxiety

The modern epistemology is in the peculiar position of retaining its trust in man’s ability to acquire knowledge without being capable of specifying what role reason plays with reference to the other faculties, that is without fully explaining the reasons for our gnosis success.

Popper was the first to state that any conclusion concerning the possibility or impossibility of knowing is “a transcendental statement” and, echoing Kant, he states that man reaches knowledge while trying to guess.


Depression as Cultural Illness A social epistemology Model of Catastrophic learning

The phenomenon of depression can be related to a social theory of learning. I postulate that people learn to become depressive as a result of catastrophic learning. Catastrophic learning is an unintended result of the way in which their human capacity development is related to a social system.I call catastrophic learning the search for solutions for problems within a system of learning that does not contain the steering instructions for finding a solution for the problem at hand. The work of Arnold Cornelis is not translated yet, we may take the initiative to do so.


Into thin air?
Into thin air?

Hegel’s Hotel: DGB Post-Hegelian Philosophy…Floor 6: Language, Semantics, Epistemology: Words & Their Meaning: Depression

Melancolic Epistomology


Angst du Jour blogspot: a quiet quest to catalog the chaos

angst deux
angst deux

le fin dangst
le fin d'angst

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