NPR: Perspective

This was broacast on NPR by a dear, dear friend … and it is about moi! I will post the audio as soon as it becomes available. I have a friend who has problems with serious depression. The kind that twists external reality and destroys her inner peace of mind with a crushing sense of […]

40 minutes of obama & my shrink

I was diagnosed with Major Depressive Disorder 16 years ago and since that time I have never stopped raging against the diagnosis and the requisite pharma-therapy, which for the past 15 years or so, since Big Pharma began sponsoring the necessary extended education credits for all practicing psychiatrists has been the recommended treatment for all […]

clinical trials & effects of long term use of Effexor XR

i speak to my psychiatrist yesterday about the effects of long term effexor use for major depression recurrent. She says studies show that treatment with effexor is more effective in preventing cognitive degeneration than non treatment. I discuss the reports I read online of real people discussing the effects of effexor use … memory problems, […]