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Fatigue Red Flag For Postpartum Depression ScienceDaily (Mar. 25, 2002) — University Park, Pa. – A simple questionnaire on fatigue, administered two weeks after childbirth, may serve to identify women who at increased risk of developing moderate to severe postpartum depression according to Penn State researchers. “Postpartum depression affects up to 15 to 20 percent […]

The Infinite Mind

Peter Kramer, author of Listening to Prozac and Against Depression, hosts the award-winning The Infinite Mind, a PBS radio show focusing on the latest developments in neuro-psychology , mental illness and wellness, and alternatives to achieving and sustaining brain health Copies of previous shows can be downloaded from the website (Check here for downloads). IM […]

pristiq for effexor

Update: Wyeth drops out of European sales of Prstiq after studies show its inefectiveness Cleared for marketing as an antidepressant in the U.S., Pristiq is based on the active ingredient in Wyeth’s now-off-patent blockbuster Effexor. Some doctors and researchers question whether the drug is much different from–or better than–other antidepressants already on the market. Pristiq […]

Psychotic vs. Nonpsychotic Depression

An overview A growing body of research collected through the means of structural magnetic imaging (sMRI) has indicated that structural brain abnormalities exist in patients diagnosed with schizophrenia (Cannon 1994) as well as in patients with affective disorders, such as depression (Lange 2004) and bipolar disorder (Lopez-Larson 2002). Furthermore, Salokangas et al. (2002) report that […]

brain zaps

When I first started this blog back in 2008, stories about brain zaps were few and far between and little research was available on the phenomenon.  It was difficult to find any information save for comments on message boards from people who were discontinuing medications like SSRIs, SNRIs, benzodiozepines, or Adderall. Scientists have come a […]