clinical trials & effects of long term use of Effexor XR

I speak to my psychiatrist yesterday about the effects of long term effexor use for major depression recurrent. She says studies show that treatment with effexor is more effective in preventing cognitive degeneration than non treatment. I discuss the reports I read online of real people discussing the effects of effexor use … memory problems, […]


A recent article in the UK Telegraphposits that a damaged brain can heal itself. Norman Doidge, in his recent book The Brain That Changes Itself: Stories of Personal Triumph from the Frontiers of Brain Science, tells the story of a woman who is perpetually falling: Cheryl Schiltz feels like she is perpetually falling. And because […]

BiPolar News

Imaging Tool May Help Diagose Bipolar (click on above image for full viewing) New Recovery Model For Mental Illness Bipolar Advantage Inc. will be introducing a new integrated recovery program called the “Advantage Program” on September 6, 2008. “The days of thinking a diagnosis of bipolar disorder means living a diminished life are over,” says […]

the quantum phsyics of smell

Luca Turin, the emperor of scent, a biophysicist at University College Longon proposed in the 1990s that “…olfactory receptors respond not to the shape of the molecules but to their vibrations. [The theory provides] a detailed and plausible mechanism for biological transduction of molecular vibrations: inelastic electron tunnelling.” Recent findings suggest he might be correct. […]

Pain, the brain & the mirror box

Notes of an Anesthesioboist So I realised that what’s going on here is when you amputate the arm, the part of the cortex of the brain corresponding to the hand is not receiving any signals because you’ve removed the hand. So it’s hungry for sensory input. So what happens is the sensory input from the […]

Scanning: FMR’s Sleep Deprived v. Post Partum Depression

Postpartum Depression Articles showing images of brains’ of women with Postpartum Depression: CMS Spectrums, the International Journal of Psychiatric Medicine, has a detailed research paper online, showing several brainscans. Brain Acitivty Visibly Altered During Sleep Deprivation FMRI images of sleep deprived brain of Pospartum patients It is possible that when the prefrontal and temporal regions […]