The Stomach & The Brain

After my latest major psychological/spiritual episode late last year, I opt to do things differently. I decide to concurrently take the terrifying plunge and change my meds by consulting with an unconventional and highly respected psychiatrist. I follow this with five days working one-on-one with my master yoga teacher, an aruvedic healer. At first glance, […]

trauma and the brain

I’m trying to understand my brain, trying to understand why it has become such a problem. For this reason, I did a search for trauma and the brain. It looks like neuroscientists are just beginning to understand the keys to this subject area. Children subjected to repeated stressful environments DO undergo structural and neurochemical changes […]

Pain, the brain & the mirror box

Notes of an Anesthesioboist So I realised that what’s going on here is when you amputate the arm, the part of the cortex of the brain corresponding to the hand is not receiving any signals because you’ve removed the hand. So it’s hungry for sensory input. So what happens is the sensory input from the […]