The Return to 37.5

January 31, 2019. Medications: 37.5mg. Effexor.  50 mg. Zoloft. 15 mg. Ritalin. 3mg. Klonazapine. 5 mg. Zyprexa I returned to Crissy Field with my dog yesterday morning.  The first day of feeling closer to sanity than I had in about five days after yet another attempt to taper down on Effexor.  For several years, I’d […]

and now …

The data on mental depression is as alarming as it is for economic depression. According to the National Institute of Health, 14.8 million Americans over 18 suffer from depression in any given year. This number represents 6.7% of the adult population(compare this to the current unemployment rate of 6% to get a feel for the […]

The World Without Us

December 22 2009. Driving towards Denver. Just this side of Laramie, Wyoming. Sunset. 17 degrees. Snow. Alongside the road, a large black truck, engine open, two heads bent over the engine. Hard to measure distances in this vast seemingly endless swath of emptiness, so maybe the red pickup pulled over some 1/8 a mile up. […]

trauma and the brain

I’m trying to understand my brain, trying to understand why it has become such a problem. For this reason, I did a search for trauma and the brain. It looks like neuroscientists are just beginning to understand the keys to this subject area. Children subjected to repeated stressful environments DO undergo structural and neurochemical changes […]

neuronal assemblies & consciousness

A remarkable study suggests that consciousness results when a signficiant number of neurons, already assembled in neural columns, respond to external stimuli to create a conscious state. “Assemblies can be formed anytime and anywhere within the association areas. Thus, consciousness is spatially multiple. However, at a single time, only one assembly is large enough to […]

mirror neurons

Neuroscientist Giacomo Rizzolatti, MD, and his colleagues at the University of Parma were mapping the brains of monkeys to see how specific areas of the brain function“They were monitoring a cell,” Goleman says, “that only fired when the monkey lifted its arm. One day, the cell fired even though the monkey hadn’t lifted its arm […]

neurology of addiction

oh, so that’s it .. addiction is an electro-chemical neurological brain impulse!  What I need is an “internal dependency shift” to achieve “neurological pacification”. In a recent Harvard lecture, “Drug Addiction: the Neurobiology of Disrupted Free Will,” the strong connection between memory and craving suggests  more effective treatments might focus on disrupting memory rather than […]