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share your journey with brainzaps. join us in the search for effective methods to treat depressive disorders. Our focus is primarily to research and discover regional support for members as they pursue alternative solutions which don’t involve the use of antidepressents or other mood altering drugs.

Research into the long term effects of antidepressent and benzodiazines (and other drugs currently prescribed for affective disorders, reveals many patients disabled by cognitive degeneration, which includes memory loss, mental fugue, word retrieval problems, and, in many cases, an ultimate reappearance of the symptomology the prescribed medicines initially addressed. Other studies have pointed to an increase in bone loss, severe withdrawal problems, and on ongoing battle with functionality.

New findings in the field of neurology, coupled with the ancient practices of meditation and yoga report significant improvements in the functioning of individuals previously characterized as severely depressed. In fact, studies report actual changes in the physical structure of the brain after regular practice.

The field of quantum physics, and ‘the field’ point to the success of working with vibrational patterns.

Help us build this community.

Are you ready to reclaim ownership of your mental and emotional life? Since Prozac first debuted in the 1980s, millions of Americans like myself have become unwitting prisoners of the pharmaceutical industry. Working with physicians and mental health practitioners, we are informed that the symptoms we are experiencing are the best we can hope for, given our diagnosis. Memory loss, confusion, weight gain, lack of motivation, word retrieval problems, disassociations, social and professional setbacks.

As part of their ongoing education, our caregivers almost unanonymously attend yearly compulsory training which is almost exclusively funded by the pharmaceutical companies. Even Stanford University, long considered one of the pioneers in the field of mental health research, conducts its seminars courtesy of BigPharma financial underwriting. The clinical trials upon which they base their research are flawed, manipulated and do not effectively reflect the real life experiences of individuals who are long term users of their medications.There is little funding currently for research detailing alternative treatments for major depressive disorders, PTSD, Alzheimer’s, or ADD.

Brainzaps announces the creation of a hybrid learning community to work towards finding solutions for our health challenges and provide each  other the emotional, psychological and community support so desperately needed by those of us who live continuously within a mediated, manufatured reality.

  • What’s really me and what’s the medication?
  • Why can’t I interact normally in everyday life?
  • What happened to my motivation?
  • Why can’t I lose weight?
  • What’s happened to my memory, alertness?
  • Who can I trust? Who can ‘really’ help me?

Brainzaps first ‘boots on the ground’ meeting will take place on Thursday, September 11, at 7:00 PM.

Bring your research, ideas, worries, hopes. Join us in the search for your self.

We invite your to browse through brainzaps and become acquainted with the research we’ve conducted so far.

RSVP via comment to this post. Tell us something about your journey, goals. What support you are seeking.


5 Responses to “be a part of brainzaps community”

  1. I will help to build this awesome community. Go brainzaps!!!! :))

  2. Over the past 2 years the Barack Obama campaign has developed an unprecedented network of grassroots groups, many groups consisting of a highly diverse membership: from lawyers, professional educators, writers, doctors, corporate leaders, the retired and young, the unemployed. These organizations across the country can now serve as our front line in addressing the fall out from this financial crisis, working locally to meet the needs of the unemployed, homeless, those without health care. We need to take the principles utilized by NGOs and local groups in international sustainable development and incorporate them in the rebuilding of our country.

  3. i lost

  4. Thank you for this Website. I too am taking Effexor xr at 112 mg For approximately three weeks now, after being weaned off Zoloft which was of no help. But I too am experiencing many side effects from it and now after reading this post I too want to be taken off of this medication. I have a follow-up appointment with my psychiatrist next week, and want to have my medication switched, but don’t know what would be the best choice and not feeling comfortable with her prescribing it for me since I was not aware of the side effects of the Effexor. Don’t know who to trust. Hoping someone can give me advice on a safer type of anti- depressant for the time being. I suffer with depression and panic disorder/anxiety. Had been hospitalized four months ago and having concerns of the weaning an adding another prescription, defiantly not wanting to go back into the hospital. Could someone give some advice on a better medication please!

    • Suggest Lexapro. Ask about Deplin (expensive yes but when it works, IT WORKS. Cymbalta.

      Paxil is known to work on both depression and anxiety?

      How is your sleeping?

      The weaning process off Effexor XR after this short period should not be bad. But make sure you are seeing someone who is well versed in these meds. ANd knows the dangers of Effexor XR. My new pdoc says he would never but anyone on this drug unless he was certain they were someone who would be on it for their whole life.

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