November, 2012

Last week Sunday. Restorative Yoga. One of the first poses. Paschimottanasana. I’m doing this inner brain visualization with tactics I learned from Reiki years ago. Moving my consciousness around, along the top of my brain. Pushing bright light deep into my consciousness . Visioning it swimming under huge silver buckets of clear cool water.  Pulling out a bristle brush to clean out all the decay. I see my mind as a huge crowded cobweb. Some holes, some tears. Dark globs in the upper right corners. I’ll need to get to them.

Mending?  Self healing? Have I ever even conceptualized healing my damaged brain? Has anyone? Hasn’t it always rather been a matter of slapping on some spackling paste, pharmaceutical camouflage?

The teacher shifts us into Viparita Karani. Once positioned, I move back back inside … What I need is some needles. Knitting needles? Crochet hooks? A corkscrew? Pipecleaner? Ouch. Everything seems too course, too painful. For quite some time, I toss around the concept that I just might have to morph myself into a spider to truly repair the damage.

Supta Virasana. I move my consciousness outside my body again. Drift around weightless in a zero gravity world in search of the perfect tool. Something gentle, non-invasive, like the wing of a butterfly brushing past … a leaf tossed along in the breeze, catching wisps and bearing them along to cloture … a luminous white feather, conducting anthroscopic feather surgery….

“We become intensely powerful and effective once we start believing in the light within us, and allow this inner light to guide us toward the right action.” Linda Tucker


I’ll need a marionette … That’s it! I’ll need to drop a gentle marionette-like figure into my consciousness, slide it down into the innermost parts of my brain on a multi-colored string, suspended perhaps from a kite flying free overhead.

In our willingness to step into the unknown, the field of all possibilities, we surrender ourselves to the creative. Enjoy the journey. Instead of motivation, look for inspiration. Inspiration comes from the same word as spirit.
When you are inspired, the spirit moves you. DeepakChopra

The marionette will tip toe along this tightrope, suspended in my ether-esque mind … the slight pressure of each step healing, transforming, breathing magic into the dark spaces, bending forward to weave together glial threads with the light of the feather.

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