stomache problems continue … being a vegetarian it is really difficult to find anything to eat which does not result in severe stomache upset … flu like symptoms continue w/use of advil helping abate enough to be able to function. sleep problems make me upping the klonopin again and taking GABA, sameE, vitamin D, and lithate …

irritabilility. exhaustion and fatigue. mood swings.

i keep waiting for the brain zaps to begin. They precipitated by entry into SSRI use 16 years ago and when I first started the drugs my head would swing around so much I feared it would break my neck. That was terrrifying. Since Saturday, I have maintained 37.5 although this morning I actually put a 75 in my mouth, thinking i couldn’t make it. But thankfully, removed that …

So I am now completed day 3 with no return to 75! After fallilng to sleep so late, missed Yoga this AM but spent about l hour in the gym later on, doing pilates, yoga and cardio. That REALLY helped and I was able to attend meeting this evening in SF where a doctor friend had some ibuprofren on hand to help with the headaches and flu feelings.

Noticing my spelling getting really bad.


~ by boatsie on March 13, 2012.

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