March 13, 2012

Stomach problems continue. Being a vegetarian makes it very challenging to find anything to eat which does not result in severe stomach upset. Using Advil to combat Flu like symptoms. Sleep problems have me increasing Klonopin again. Taking GABA, sameE, vitamin D, and lithate.

Irritability. Exhaustion and fatigue. Mood swings.

i keep waiting for the brain zaps to begin. They precipitated by entry into SSRI use, and when I first started the drugs my head would swing around so much I feared it would break my neck. That was terrifying. Since Saturday, I have maintained 37.5 although this morning I actually put a 75 in my mouth, thinking I couldn’t make it. But thankfully, removed that.

So I have now completed day 3 with no return to 75! After falling to sleep so late, missed Yoga this AM but spent about l hour in the gym later on, doing pilates, yoga and cardio. That really helped and I was able to attend a meeting this evening in San Francisco where a doctor friend had some Ibuprofren on hand to help with the headaches and flu like feelings.

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