March 2012.

Tomorrow begins week two of the next Effexor cutback from starting point of 150mg in January. which began in January @150. We have added samE, folic acid, lithate, (searching for celery root). Working with an osteopath. Considering LEM. Yoga 4x a week. Cardio a few times a week. Meditation. Looking for mindful meditation group and for support group for people who are withdrawing from SNRIs or SSRIs.

Worst so far seems to be about 1 week in to the cutback at which point the headaches, body aches, stomach problems, fatigue, and sleep disturbances are the worst. Someone in a comment on this blog suggested ionic foot baths to help with the detox.

So far, the exciting thing is that i have had no serious side effects in terms of dissociative thought disorders, major anxiety or depression. No psychotic ideations. In fact, a real sense of emerging from a deep sleep and a kind of excitement about discovering the new me. Sixteen years after being submerged.

Right now, I feel very aware of how well this was timed. Working with a new therapist for about a year who has really helped me in CBT (neuroplasticity) and encouraged me to take risks, to reclaim or claim perhaps for the first time my right to life.

We tackle the klonopin after the Effexor is totally gone. I am trusting that this is the right course of action.

The Work

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