brain on lsd

have you ever felt this way?

videos show what is happening inside brain on lsd …. so when are they going to use this to film what our brains are like on psycho-meds? And what impacts these meds are having on the rest of our bodies? HUH?

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ON Major Depressive Disorders & Cortisol Levels

Levels of cortisol, a hormone associated with the human “fight-or-flight” response, have long been studied as possible biological markers for depression. In many adults, cortisol levels rise when the person is acutely depressed and return to normal when the depression passes. Research findings have been inconsistent regarding cortisol levels in children and adolescents, although there is some evidence that higher levels of cortisol secretion are associated with more severe depressive symptoms and with a higher likelihood of recurrence. As of 2002, however, cortisol levels are not considered to be reliable enough to be useful in diagnosing MDD.

~ by boatsie on October 27, 2009.

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