gulp, who are you anyway?

quest ce que le consciousness?

qu'est ce que le consciousness?

Do you know who or what you are? Think about it. There are many illusions in life. The arguably tragic thing is that so many people of the past have lived their entire lives in illusion. They believed in their mental constructs, and took them to be the truth of things. They were confined within their human consciousness, and never looked beyond. They never saw the true potential of consciousness, nor realized the constructive nature of reality. They never realized that their ‘truths’ were simply mental constructs, including their own sense of self-identity.

A new discovery, BrainMeta, a rigorous, adventurously daring inquisition into consciousness and development of a constructivist view of life, suggesting the application of science to manipulate and enhance brainpower. An earlier post discusses Self Actualization (a overview and analysis of Maslov).

Discussion boards are dense: a theory on time-energy, nootropics and cognitive enhancers like Modanifil, Piracetam, CDP-Choline, Gingko Biloba. Centrophenoxine. L-Huperzine A, Rhodiola,
Phenylethylamine, A-Carnitine, Omega 3 caps AND Alpha Lipoic Acid. And then there’s this new concoction called ‘Synaptine Blue”

Zinger synapses

Zinger synapses

But then what is consciousness if not quantum spacetime geometry, i.e. as a consequence of the fine-grained structure of the universe. and how do we go about extracting information from QTSG?

quantum spacetime

quantum spacetime

Radical new quatum space time view of world

Needed:Radical new quatum space time view of world


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