Let’s stop talking to the Wrong Brain

Primal Therapy founder Arthur Janov’s new blog reports on a new concept of treating emotional, effective and mental pain by dealing with ourselves as ‘historical individuals,’ who are suffering due to the imprint of birth or early life experiences.

On discussing how important accessing emotions is in effective therapy, he writes:

Italian investigators have found that there is a deficit in interhemispheric transfer with those who cannot express their feelings. What that means is that the feelings lying on the right lower brain do not make the trip across the corpus callosum (where emotional information is transferred from one side to the other) to the left understanding, comprehending verbal side. Since eighty percent of all emotional information cross the corpus callosum from one side to the other, it seems logical that there is one key locus for the problem of alexithymia, or the inability to express emotions. It seems obvious now that for help in expressing true feelings one needs access to right side lower brain sites. It does not help to engage oneself in a therapy that is primarily intellectual; an interaction through the realm of ideas. Expressing feelings in words is not feeling those feelings. One can express feelings precisely but cannot necessarily feel them. What is required is a therapist who has access to her feelings and who can know when someone has access or not. So we need a therapy of feeling; one that takes feelings into account, and just as important, a psychological theory based on need.
What seems to be the problem is a dysfunctional cortical frontal-limbic circuits. In particular, the orbitofrontal area. As I have written elsewhere the right orbitofrontal area (behind the orbits of the eye) contains a map of our emotional life and emotional history. It is internally oriented.

Don’t even know where to go with this right now. I am so confused at this point about exactly where I am going or if I am going anywhere with my psychiatrist. And I don’t even know how to have this talk with her. I just know that so much of what I learn myself is more curative than psych-phara-psychiatry…..
I had one session with someone who practiced this deep breathing technique…. it was truly an out of body experience. I recall the sense of being pursued by the evil dark purple energy force.


~ by boatsie on November 20, 2008.

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