Inescapable Stress

inescapable stress

inescapable stress

A recent post in Salon discusses recovering from CFS and the overview of the symptoms so closely parallels those I experience with my diagnosis of Major Depressive Disorder. The intriguing finding is the role of the adrenals, which in my case were key to the ultimate meltdown of both my psyche and physical body. I can remember the cortisol rush in my chest like clockwork every day around 2, how I would rush to my acupuncturist, who lived just a stone’s throw away in Bolinas, how she’d stick those needles in and how we’d just pray, just pray this monster would go away. Neither of us wanted to even think of drugs!

Now, 16 years later … the feeling is much like it was when I stopped drinking 24 years ago.. Like ‘where have I been? …. how did I end up here? Only this time, my age and all the struggling I’ve done and the chronic joblessness and now the plummeting economy. Most days I have little hope. Most days I lack the energy or the drive to even pick up the phone, or even send an email. Why bother?

It’s been months since I’ve done Ivengar Yoga regularly, yet that was the one thing that seemed to be redeeming me.

Inescapable Stress

A study reveals decrease in cell proliferation in brain subjected to inescapable stress, resulting in HPA disfunction. (Read also The Forced Swim test). Also results in learned helplessness.

Ah, this sounds like me!


~ by boatsie on November 13, 2008.

3 Responses to “Inescapable Stress”

  1. I just used the phrase “learned helplessness” in my psychiatric session today. I told him “I don’t feel like doing anything” and he asked why. “I don’t know,” I mumbled. “Learned helplessness?” He had his own theory. I swear, society is downright depressing lately. This not-having-a-job thing is killing me.

  2. what was his theory about learned helplessness?

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