40 minutes of obama & my shrink

Obama & My Shrink

Obama & My Shrink

I was diagnosed with Major Depressive Disorder 16 years ago and since that time I have never stopped raging against the diagnosis and the requisite pharma-therapy, which for the past 15 years or so, since Big Pharma began sponsoring the necessary extended education credits for all practicing psychiatrists has been the recommended treatment for all affective and mental imbalances.
For years, before I lost my health care coverage my weekly visits to the psychiatrist, and  the 3-4 medications which constitute the pharma-cocktail that supposedly keeps me functioning in the world were covered. Now, nadda.
Over the years, my doctor and I have developed an extraordinarily complex relationship. We butt heads over politics, world view, she ususally trying to brand me as paranoid, not trusting. Me standing my ground, because I’m an information junkie, always seeking truth, always searching for solid ground. What she considers my overly negative and symptomological worldview, I consider my redemption. No bogey men waiting for me. I’m onto them.
But nothing prepared me for yesterday’s session.


~ by boatsie on October 22, 2008.

One Response to “40 minutes of obama & my shrink”

  1. I think she has problems. You need a new one. I don’t know what my psychiatrist’s political beliefs are but I can’t believe she is that selfish that she would claim “oh poor me” on an extra 3% tax on income over $250,000. With the economy in the toilet, she’s going to be losing patients purely because people will lose health coverage through their jobs.

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