clinical trials & effects of long term use of Effexor XR

I speak to my psychiatrist yesterday about the effects of long term effexor use for major depression recurrent. She says studies show that treatment with effexor is more effective in preventing cognitive degeneration than non treatment. I discuss the reports I read online of real people discussing the effects of effexor use … memory problems, word retrieval problems, fogginess, disassociation. She claims this is ‘heresay,’ not relevant, not scientific. My experience once again is discredited. Where does one go for validating one’s reality?

Some info on Effexor (Have not been able to find anything relative to long term use)

  • one published trial of Effexor’s impact on cognitive functioning.
  • Memory Loss and Effexor use

  • offshore pharmacy reports on alternative medications …
  • the effexor activist
  • Join the Conversation


    1. I’ve been on Effexor for 7 years now and yes, there are side effects. I have some memory loss from the past, and a bit of groping for words on occasion. However, the increase in my ability to function is 100 fold over the long years before taking this medication. The side effects are of little importance to me.

      1. i am glad that Effexor is working so well for you. The cognitive side efffects are most assuredly cumulative, and I believe they also vary in relation to if there are other drugs in your particular ‘cocktail.’ Cognitive dulling, searchiing for words, short term memory loss, etc., are common side effects of all anti-depressants — lamicytal, for exxample, is really doing a number on cognitive functioning on young people….. I totally agree that these drugs DO work on solving crises; however the shame is that the pharmacology continues to fund this paradigm because they have a winner and have little funding for follow ups of long term side effects…..

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