brain mapping
brain mapping

A recent article in the UK Telegraphposits that a damaged brain can heal itself. Norman Doidge, in his recent book The Brain That Changes Itself: Stories of Personal Triumph from the Frontiers of Brain Science, tells the story of a woman who is perpetually falling:

Cheryl Schiltz feels like she is perpetually falling. And because she feels like she is falling, she falls. When she stands up without support, she looks as if she were on a precipice, about to plummet. First her head wobbles and tilts to one side and her arms reach out to try to stabilise her stance. Soon her whole body is moving chaotically back and forth, like a person walking a tightrope in that frantic see-saw moment before losing his balance – except that both her feet are firmly planted on the ground, wide apart. When she tries to walk she has to hold on to a wall, and still she staggers like a drunk.

The Brain Fitness Gym


what changes in brain as you learn and remember

7 tenets of plasticity (notes)

1. change can occur only when the brain is involved

involved, attentive, engaged, the brain is “on”, ready to change. if disengaged, no real effort to succeed switches “off”

2. change initiates movements between neurons, brain changes connections selectively

“neurons that fire together wire together” …. brain strengthens its connections and makes predictions …capacity to continually make predictions of what goes with what and what comes next … components of activity related to past experiences … not so compartmentalized.

pain brain becoming very good at firing pain signal –

1. we have power to change

2. malleable is vulnerable, sensory is also changing brains, much more easily influened

memory crucial for learning

motivation key factor in brain plasticity

something like a storke can be overcome

stroke victim: 97% of brain destroyed … brain reorganized itself, parts that weren’t initially involved TOOK OVER functions of parts of brain which had been destroyed.

focus on how a skill was acquired … the learning process. new skill aquisition

chemistry involved in motivation

tapped in ordinary life thru normal actiities and through the thoughts you think

the brain fitness program

Neurolucida is advanced scientific software for performing brain mapping, neuron tracing, anatomical mapping, image analysis, and morphometry. The Neurolucida system combines an image overlay device with our software to frame your microscope image within the Neurolucida window. This dynamic interaction offers many options for image analysis, easily customized to your specific research needs.

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